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Membership Application


    1. I hereby agree to abide by the rules, regulations and by-laws of the NZ Beef Shorthorn Association (Inc)
    2. I consent to the above nomination and to the Association including my name and address in any published list, or
      providing my name and address as a member to third parties should the secretary so determine.

    If Full Membershp is applied for, the following should also be completed:

    I wish to apply to the New Zealand Beef Shorthorn Association (Inc) Council for the registration of a Herd Prefix, should my above membership nomination be acceptable. Listed below are three selected prefixes in order of preference:

    Membership Fees

    Full Membership
    Annual Subscription $172.50 including GST
    Annual Subscription $34.50 including GST
    Annual Subscription $115.00 including GST
    Annual Subscription $34.50 including GST