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03 226 6713                      Westwood Shorthorns
                                                   and Coloured Sheep

                                                                                   A Family Farm run by three siblings.
                                                                                   Anita Erskine is the owner of the
                                                                                   Westwood Shorthorn Stud Cattle
                                                                                   and Coloured Sheep. Her two
                                                                                   brothers, Quinton & Eric own the
                                                                                   Commercial Purebred Shorthorn
                                                                                   Cattle and White Sheep.

                                                                                   Effective/Grass = 365ha (901
                                                                                   acres), Rough grazing and
                                                                                   scrub = 90ha (222 acres) giving
                                                                                   us a Total of 455ha (1123 acres)

                                                                                   Flat to easy rolling, with
                                                                                   the odd steeper parts.

                                                                                   60-year average at Westwood
                                                                                   Farm is 1237.2mm (49.49
                                                                                   inches), wettest year in the
                                                                                   last 60 years was 2002 with
                                                                                   1560mm (62.4 inches) and
                                                                                   driest year in the last 60 years
                                                                                   was 1974 with 857mm (34.28

                                                                                   Romney white sheep: 2700 in
                                                                                   lamb ewes, 740 ewe hoggets
                                                                                   and 30 rams. Coloured Sheep:
                                                                                   55 in lamb ewes (both Romney
                                                                                   & Corriedale), 15 ewe hoggets
                                                                                   and 2 rams.  Commercial
                                                                                   Purebred Shorthorns include
                                                                                   83 in calf cows & heifers,
                                                                                   Approximately 80 R1 Bull,
                                                                                   Steers and Heifers.  Westwood
                                                                                   Stud Shorthorns include
                                                                                   45 in calf cows & heifers,
                                                                                   Approximately 40 R1 bulls,
                                                                                   steers and heifers. There are
                                                                                   also three breeding bulls.

             How and when you sell your bulls:        Past Sires:                  Sires for 2020:
             Bulls are sold by Private Treaty usually   Corsock Carnival           Hinewaka Bal 30-16
             in May / June each year on farm as R2    Paintearth Rama (Can)        Westwood Sir Duke 71-18
             bulls. Occasionally we sell yearling bulls   Westwood Sir Skip
             in October/November.                     Hinewaka Lad
                                                      Hinewaka Gold
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