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                                                                                 Carriganes                 1
                                                                                 Sarah O’Connell
            PRESIDENT’S                                                          Lochburn                  2
                                                                                 Kevin Stokes
                                                                                 Will, David and Tracy Ody
            MESSAGE                                                              Morton                    4

                                                                                 Betty and Ken Morton
                                                                                 Craig and Maree Morton

                                                                                 Mill Valley
                                                                                 Aaron and Amanda Harris   6
                                                                                 Westwood                  8
                                                                                 Anita Erskine
            The RED, WHITE & ROANS of our     premiums for premium products and   Colvend                 10
            world.                            not just the colour of the hide.  Our   Alan, Val and Ashley Park
            It is a privilege to be President of the   breeders and their commercial clients              12
            Shorthorn NZ Beef Society that is   are starting to reap the rewards.    Raupuha
            based on good will, friendship and   Shorthorn Beef cattle in New Zealand   Russell and Mavis Proffit
            cooperation.                      have some of the best marbling,    Hiwiroa                  14
            The breed is holding its own in New   tenderness and flavour of any breed.    Jim and Trish Syme
            Zealand amongst the pressure of   This is marvellous moving ahead to   Nick and Claire Syme
            some bigger breeds.  We have been   gain a fair market share within the                       16
            targeting the fact you can get hybrid   Beef Industry.               Hinewaka
            vigour for free by crossbreeding   All Shorthorn beef breeders of New   David, Pip and Mitch Blackwood
            which can increase bottom line    Zealand are very proud of their herds   Longview            18
            by up to 20%. New Zealand’s lush   and enjoy sharing the pride that   Shane and Dot Dromgool
            pastures provide the prefect natural   they have of Shorthorn cattle. Kiwi   Turiwhate        19
            environment for the production of   hospitality is alive and well within
            the finest grass fed meat.        our breed and we welcome anybody   Chris Stewart and
            New Zealand over the last five    from far and wide to visit.        Kylie Muggeridge
            years has had a turn around with                                     Mangaotuku              20
            cows heading back out on the hills,   Regards                        Jack and Sheree Hann
            which is great. The abattoirs and   Russell Proffit                  Glenbrook                21
            wholesalers are starting to pay   Shorthorn Beef NZ President        Simon and Kirsty Williamson

                                                                                 Glendhu                  22
                                                                                 Fraser Fletcher and Susie Burrows
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