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284 Driver Road, Taupiri                                          07 824 6751
                   Situated 16kms from the city of Hamilton in what                  027 488 4672
                   is now a predominately lifestyle block area.            



            Kelvin Stokes

                y parents Arnold and Lillian   their parentage. I then upgraded the
            MStokes purchased their first    herd where possible and registered        95 hectares
            Shorthorn cattle in the mid 1960’s and   the cattle. My breeding is now all stud
            registered their stud as Lochabar.  animals.
                                                                                       flat to rolling
            When I took over part of the opera-  In 2003 I ceased dairy farming.
            tion I registered my stud as Lochburn.
            Part of the farms operation was also   I initially increased the breeding cows   1300mm
            dairy farming.                   to 140 and now back to 100 as I no
                                             longer have access to additional lease
            Before 2000 I was predominantly   land nearby for raising offspring for    100 breeding cows plus
            running a commercial herd whilst   fattening cattle.                       current offspring and
            keeping records of the calves and                                          replacement heifers,
                                                                                       fattening stock and some
                                                                                       yearling and older bulls

            How and when you sell your bulls:    Past Sires - Sires for 2019 calves:    Sires for 2020:
            Mainly private sales. Most are sold   Raupuha Lockyer 355                   Orena 14032
            as yearlings including some to dairy   Orena 14032                          Waimai Snow 14002
            farmers. I keep only 20% of the bull   Lochburn London                      Orena 16006
            calves and the balance are steered and   Waimai Snow 14002                  Orena Outdated 17022
            fattened for sale purposes.          Orena 16002 and Orena 16006            Hinewaka Rama 12039
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