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73 Mains Road,                 022 470 2447                    Carriganescattle
                   Brookside, RD2,

            CARRIGANES                                                           Sarah O’Connell

                                                                                    Sarah O’Connell


             started Carriganes Cattle in 2010   intramuscular fat followed by eye
            I with the purchase of three in-  muscle area, and rib and rump fat.
            calf Angus cows. After a few years   Birth weight with moderate growth      Flat
            breeding, I decided to branch into   rates are important, always looking for
            Shorthorn after spending two days   breeding values at breed average or
            in a car with a well-respected NZ   better to continually be improving my   600mm
            breeder, Bill Austin, who very easily   herd and the breed in general.
            twisted my arm to the red, white, and   I enjoy the challenge of selecting
            roan world of the Shorthorn cattle.  genetics that will improve on what I   30  Beef cattle
            My herd is small with Shorthorn,   have, alongside ensuring my stock are    120 Dairy grazing cattle
            Angus and Shorthorn Angus cross   structurally sound and not too big for    15   Limousin Bulls
            cattle. I am breeding for meat quality   our flat, easy, country farm.
            as my key trait, beginning with

            How and when you sell your bulls:    Past Sires:                           Sires for 2020:
            Bulls are sold privately generally as   Yamburgan Lockyer 50th             Orena Output 17003
            rising 1 year olds. With only 2 or 3 for   Sprys Just a Legend (IMP Aus)   Sprys Just a Legend
            sale each year and a couple of return   Rough Ridge Hamilton 31            Broughton Park Senator Y065
            buyers, selling is never a challenge.
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